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Disrupting Tobacco, One Hemp Cigarette at a Time

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Company Overview

Hempacco Co, Inc. is Disrupting Tobacco™ and its nearly $1 trillion industry by manufacturing and selling herb and hemp smokables from San Diego, California. Through its own brands and joint venture businesses, the Company has launched various brands and products, including The Real Stuff, Hemp Hop with rapper Rick Ross, and Cheech & Chong’s Hemp Smokables.

Hempacco also provides full-service private label herb and hemp smokables product development, manufacturing, and logistics and owns 600 vending machines to sell its brands. Hempacco is Disrupting Tobacco as it executes its mission to become the most recognized name in herb and hemp smokable products globally

Value Proposition

Tobacco cigarettes are a nearly $1 trillion industry. Since the passing of The Farm Bill of 2018, hemp cigarettes have grown in popularity, driving strong growth forecasts for the hemp industry, which is expected to be valued at more than $16 billion by 2027. Hempacco is capitalizing on this massive market opportunity through a multi-faceted strategy focused on leveraging proprietary technology to deliver functional herb and hemp smokables products. The Company’s IP portfolio includes issued and pending patents for spraying hemp with terpenes and infusing filters with flavors and terpenes. These technologies provide a strong foundation from which Hempacco plans to launch a growing line of functional smokes, while continually improving manufacturing technologies to drive increased efficiencies. Through world-class partnerships and joint ventures, including Hemp Hop, launched in partnership with hip-hop icon Rick Ross and Rap Snacks founder and CEO James Lindsay, a 50/50 joint venture with Cheech and Chong, relationship with HBI-Raw, the world’s leading smoking papers company, Hempacco is ideally positioned for success Disrupting Tobacco™.

Investors Presentation

20 Private Label Partners & Growing

  • Disrupting the $1 Trillion Tobacco Industry
    • E-cigarette sales increased 120%+ between 2017 and 2020
    • Tobacco sales growing at 3% annually
    • Tobacco companies spend $1M on marketing every hour
  • Multi-Faceted Strategy Provides Key Competitive Differentiation
    • Co-branded manufacturing partnerships
    • IP, research and development, and patent licensing
    • In-house brands
    • Vending machines (own 600) to power sales of in-house and JV products
  • Highly Experienced Leadership Team
    • Sandro Piancone, Founder, CEO; 20 years of experience scaling companies since inception, funding them, finding the right team, and exiting profitably
    • Jorge Olson, Co-Founder and CMO; developed and marketed consumer goods by creating innovative, off-the-shelf display programs selling into convenience stores. Mr. Olson has worked with Sandro Piancone for over fifteen years and is the author of the books Wholesale MBA and Build Your Beverage Empire

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