GREG GUTFELD: The transgender movement has exploded

Happy America, everyone. It’s Tuesday. So you know what that means. 

Welcome to Trans Tuesday. I’m your host, Angela Lansbury. Tonight’s topic? Jaws drop after a top gets popped. After meeting with President Biden at a Pride event at the White House on Saturday, a transgender influencer bared her breasts on the South Lawn. 


Now I know what you might be thinking– what a bunch of boobs. Seriously, who invites these idiots? Come on, White House. Haven’t you learned a thing from Bud Light? The only thing influencers influence is universal hate towards influencers. Influencers are to credibility what cancer is to your balls. Also, how the hell did we get here where a person even thinks this is appropriate at the White House? Even Hunter said, “Please, a little decorum.” 

The fact is, everything gone wrong these days is based on not matching the appropriate activity to the appropriate venue. I’d ask who’s in charge over there, but Biden probably doesn’t even know. When asked about Rose Montoya baring her chest. Biden said, “I thought that was Jerrold Nadler leaving the Senate steam room.”


Now, this is a fitting story today because last week I got to do a tip with a friend of mine on trans issues. He claimed it’s only an issue in the media, but everywhere, everywhere else, he says it’s nothing. 

And you know, he’s right. We are putting a hell of a lot of emphasis on something that has little contact with the real world. We don’t see this at all. So he says it doesn’t matter. But I say it does because the last time I checked, the media reaches millions and has an effect on how the world thinks. And lots of stuff I identify early on started out as fringe-AI, bail reform, wokeness, fentanyl [and] Taylor Swift. We pursued the lab leak theories while others just took a leak on it. So is trans an obsession or a delusion? And how can you assess it if the statistics suck? You can’t even tell if they or them refers to one person or a mob. But that’s the point because we don’t have the stats and you shouldn’t ask for them because that’s just bad taste. 

Activists talk about trans kids’ suicides like it’s rampant, but does anyone ask for the numbers? Do they improve after mutilation and hormones, or do they get worse? Because plastic surgery and drugs aren’t the key to happiness just ask Mickey Rourke. Like all activists, these demand attention unrelated to their size and they’re effective because trans is everywhere. Here’s a sample from yesterday’s news. “Half of a British ladies fishing team walks off after trans allowed to join.” The most surprising thing about that story was that there are female fishing teams. Of course, the trans fissure has an advantage. It takes a huge rod to catch something like that. The groans are just music to my ears. “England’s health service won’t give puberty blockers anymore to kids at gender clinics.” 

You know, too bad this didn’t happen before One Direction got together. After a transgender cyclist named Austin Killips won a race in North Carolina over the weekend beating out the closest female racer by 4 minutes, tennis legend Martina Navratilova tweeted, “What a joke.” And I agree with her. And she once called me an unfunny ass wipe. You remember that? Yeah, I remember that. It’s like the best moment of my life. Now, a growing majority of the US is against trans athletes competing outside their birth gender, and two-thirds say they believe there are only two genders. Thirty-four percent disagree, but they wouldn’t know a penis if you introduced them to Joe Scarborough. 

Now some stories are just plain dull until you add that magic ingredient-trans. For example, a teacher’s clothing disrupts classrooms in Canada. Here’s the teacher. 


You see, a dull story becomes spectacular. Thanks, trans. So it’s my rule of thumb on ‘Gutfeld!’ what the libs ignore are what we got to look at because what they ignore reveals their delusion. You know, like a penis on what they consider a woman. But it’s not just trans. The media love talking about criminal justice reform until it became criminal party time. They called everyone racist until there was no one left to call racist. They loved drag, and then it ended up at kids libraries. 

In every situation, you see a phenomenon take root and minus limits or reason, it always, always goes too far. For years, we watched delusions become stories for political benefit. Russian collusion, riots and looting is mostly peaceful, COVID spread by bats. People don’t care about these things until they have to. And when it reaches the White House, I say they aren’t giving us much choice. 

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